Authentic Doomsday v1 Mod

$ 120.00

The Doomsday v1 mod by Intergalactic Industries was unveiled in June 2014 on Friday the 13th. Against all odds, this mod really could be "The End of Clones." 

Not only is this mod a hard hitter, but it's affordable, too. Made of 304 stainless steel and toting a copper two stage positive contact, this beast is built for battle without rattle. This mod also comes packing a spring loaded, recessed button and copper negative contact, as well. 

The device comes in two styles; a stainless 18650 battery tube with brass top and bottom caps, or all stainless. 

Uses a single 18650 battery. 

Two stage positive contact to eliminate battery rattle. 

All copper positive and negative contacts. 

Stainless steel button with engraved "End of Clones" and logo. 

Made in the U.S.A.

304 stainless steel 18650 battery tube. 

Either brass or stainless steel end caps. 


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