Authentic Erlkönigin Tank

$ 175.00

Plastic Style Tank

Key features & Specs:
1. Diameter: 21 mm, 22 mm, 23 mm (stock 21 mm)
2. Length: 47.5 mm
3. Juice Capacity: 21Tanks=6ml, 22Tanks=8ml, 23Tanks=9ml
4. Unique AFC (can be removed to get completely FREE draw) <The “airiest" atty in my book
5. Non load bearing tank (press-fit but locked)
6. Modular (can be fully stripped and all parts replaceable) <All parts always in-stock
7. Unique deck designed for “Bridge Wicks”
8. Top fill-port (without screws, but locked)
9. Easy to disassemble & reassemble (no thread-lock scenario)
10. Specialized “sure-fed” juice feed system (but will not over-wick!)
11. Serialized
12. Fully customizable


Built and Materials:

The Erlkönigin is an all "stainless steel” atty, with it’s tanks made of either Polymer or Glass or Steel. The stainless steel used is EU certified “surgical grade" 316-SS, which is harder to machine than regular 316 grade stainless steel. The Poly Tank is made of special liquid resistant “copolymer” compound. While the glass tank is made of Borosilicate high-heat bearing Glass. The insulators are all PEEK with a melting temperature of 700ºF (370ºC). The bottom AFC disc is of "medical grade" POM. There are just three O-rings in use ~ two to hold the tank, with one to seal the chimney with the top-cap. This atty is thus one rock-solid, robust and no-nonsense device!


Body Color & Finish:

As pictured above, the finish is media blasted throughout, including it’s innards. Very akin to the Russians and the Wizard Apprentice Evolved by Mark Bugs. The edges are very smooth and typically ‘rounded’. In hand it actually feels very pleasant and seem to be pretty scratch resistant. I’m not sure but there seem to be a clear coating as well over the metal parts. Which kind of gives it a dim but very affable sheen.


1. Seismologic Feed Management:*
The feed system is so designed that 'only’ the right amount of juice (and pressure) is maintained under the “Juice Control Ring”, which keeps a certain gap between the tank and the ring. And that gap fluctuates as the pressure underneath it changes ~ letting-in the exact amount of juice into the juice channels - needed to properly wick under whatever type of the user is into. Coupled with the elevated deck design for a “Bridge Wick” the Erlkönigin vapes very well. This is a unique design concept unseen before! There is no gurgling (aka over-wicking) and no dry-hits (aka under-wicking). As such, there is no leaking as well. Pls see my "build explanations" below to know how to set-it-up correctly.


2. Effective Tank Space Utilization:
Tho the same length as the Kayfun Lite (or the Russian 91%) and 1mm slimmer - the Erlkönigin yet packs-in a whopping 6 ml (0.2 oz) of juice! It is a wonder indeed how well managed the internal space of this atty is. Remember, the meagre 1.5 ml capacity of the Aqua? While it has the same OD (21 mm) and length! Now imagine what the Erlkönigin Nano could be! 

3. Bottom Disc AFC:
Another first! The AFC ring is actually a thick Black POM “disc” which is “under” the base of the atty. It screws/unscrews inside the ‘well’ of the base and can be totally closed (I couldn’t do it, but the modder says so. But hey, we don’t need closed airflow anyway!) to a lung-inhalable fully open draw. This AFC disc can also be ‘removed’ completely if one desires and obtain a free-flow airy condition. Coupled with the “teeth” all around it’s base’s periphery the Erlkönigin actually looks badass! It also thus can be pleasantly used on a flat top mod (one without air slots) and yet be equally airy. Besides, it sits flush over anything and those grooved-inlets are still aesthetically pleasing. Nice touch there

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