Gx2/4 Kit from Smok

$ 99.99

The Smok Gx2/4 is the newest mod from Smok. Its inovative design allows it to contain either 2 or 4 18650 batteries. The battery doors have a key cut into them, which fits into a slot in the top of the device, the bottom has a rectangular slot cut into it, that a spring loaded locking pin fits into. The locking pin is attached to a button on the bottom of the device. It has the smallest size of any 2 battery mod (87.2x46x26mm) Alien is 85x44x30mm in comparison. The wattage range in 2 battery mode is 6-220, in 4 battery mode its 6-350. The kit comes with the 5ml Big Baby Beast tank, 2 coils, and both battery covers, as well as some spare parts and a tank band. 

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