iJoy Captain 234w

$ 79.99

The iJoy Captain is the first of the 20700* battery mods to be produced. It has a 5 to 234 watt range, and NI/TI/SS/TCR temp control modes. It has four preheat modes, Soft, Normal, Hard, and User which allows you to program it how you like. Other features include Micro usb port, oversized button, .96 oled screen, 2x20700 batteries included, 18650 adapter and a gold plated adapter. the batteries included have a 3000mAh Capacity, 40 Amp continous discharge maximum rating. 


dimensions (in MM) 48x32x89

(for comparison, the Smok Alien measures 44x30x85)

*20700 is the battery designation. for example, an 18650 is 18mm across, 65mm tall, and its round. 18(h)65(t)0(round) so the 20700 is 20mm across, 70mm tall, and its round. We have tested these batteries on our chargers, and it fit all of the chargers we have on hand (Efest Luc 2/4/6 Nitecore i2/i4 D2/D4 UM 10/20) we can not gaurentee these batteries will fit in every charger. 

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